Analysis of Thermoelastic Response in a Fiber Reinforced Thin Annular Disc with Three-Phase-Lag Effect

Avijit Kar, M. Kanoria


This paper concerns the investigation of the stresses, displacement and temperature due to the axisymmetric thermal shock loading on the inner boundary in a transversely isotropic thin annular disc. The analysis encompasses thermo-elasticity without energy dissipation theory (TEWOED (GNII)) and three-phase-lag theory of the generalized thermo-elasticity to account for the finite velocity of the temperature. The Laplace transform method is used to transform the coupled equations into the space domain, where two different methods, eigen-value approach and the Galerkin finite element technique are employed to solve the resulting equations in the transformed domain. The inverse of the transformed solution is carried out by applying a method of Bellman et al. Stresses, displacement and temperature distributions have been computed numerically and presented graphically in a number of figures. A comparison of the results for different theories (GN-II and Three-phase-lag model) and for two different methods are presented.


Generalized thermo-elasticity, energy dissipation, Laplace transform, eigenvalue value

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