MacWilliams Identity for m-spotty Hamming Weight Enumerator Over the Ring $\mathbb{F}_2+v\mathbb{F}_2$

Vedat ?iap, Mehmet Ozen


The m-spotty byte error control codes can correct or detectmultiple spotty byte errors that are distributed in multiplebytes. These codes are successfully applied to computer memorysystems that use RAM chips with $b$-bit Input/Output data whenhigh-energy particles strike a particular RAM chips. In thispaper, we derive a MacWilliams type identity for m-spotty Hammingweight enumerator over the ring $\mathbb{F}_2+v\mathbb{F}_2$ with$v^2=v.$


MacWilliams identity; Weight enumerator; M-spotty weight; Mspotty byte error

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