Some Characterizations of Weighted Bloch Space


  • Rashwan Ahmed Rashwan Assiut University
  • Ahmed El-Sayed Ahmed Sohag University
  • All Kamal Mohamed Sohag Computer institute


Weighted Bloch space, Banach function spaces, meromorphic functions


In this paper we introduce a new space, the so called $Q_{K,\omega}$ space of analytic functions on the unit disk in terms of nondecreasing functions. The relation between integral norm of $Q_{K,\omega}$ space and integral norm of the weighted Bloch space ${\cal B}_\omega$ is also given.

Author Biographies

Rashwan Ahmed Rashwan, Assiut University

Ahmed El-Sayed Ahmed, Sohag University


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Rashwan, R. A., Ahmed, A. E.-S., & Mohamed, A. K. (2009). Some Characterizations of Weighted Bloch Space. European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2(2), 250–267. Retrieved from