Coordınated Search for a Randomly Located Target on the Plane

Mohamed Abdallah El hadidy, Abd el moniem Anwar Mohamed, Hamdy Mohamed Abou Gabal


This paper presents a coordinated search technique that allows two searchers who start together at the intersection point of two roads (the vertical road acts x-axis and the horizintal road acts y-axis) in known region, we consider this point is the center of this region and it is (0,0). The two searchers wanted to detect the lost target which is randomly located on the region. This lost target has symmetric distribution. We will find the expected value of detecting the target and the optimal seach plan which minimizes this expected value in the case of the target has a circular normal distribution, numerical resluts show the effectiveness of this technique and demonstrates the applicablity of it to real world search scenarios


coordinated search, optimal search plan, symmetric distribution

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