Annulets in Almost Distributive Lattices

G. C. Rao, M. Sambasiva Rao


We introduce the concept of annulets in an Almost Distributive lattice(ADL) $R$ with $0$. We characterize both generalized stone ADL and normal ADL in terms of their annulets. We characterize $\star $-ADLs by means of their annulets. It is proved that the lattice $\mathcal{A}_{0}(R)$ of all annulets of a generalized stone ADL $R$ is a relatively complemented sublattice of the lattice $\mathcal{I}(R)$ of all ideals of $R$. Finally, it is proved that $\mathcal{A}_{0}(R)$ is relatively complemented iff $R$ is sectionally $\star $-ADL.



Almost Distributive Lattice(ADL), Boolean algebra, dense elements, maximal element, Annihilator ideal, Annulet, normal ADL, $\star $-ADL, generalized stone ADL, Disjunctive ADL.

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