Hutton Uniformity in the Context of Fuzzy Soft Sets


  • Vildan Cetkin Kocaeli University
  • Halis Aygun


fuzzy soft set, fuzzy soft topology, fuzzy soft remote neighborhood, fuzzy soft uniformity.


In this paper, we introduce the concept of fuzzy soft uniformity in Hutton's sense. We define topological fuzzy soft remote neighborhood system and use this for investigating the relationship between fuzzy soft cotopology and fuzzy soft (quasi-)uniformity. We show the existence of the initial structure of fuzzy soft uniformities and also we prove the category of fuzzy soft uniform spaces is a topological category over SET^3.

Author Biography

Vildan Cetkin, Kocaeli University


How to Cite

Cetkin, V., & Aygun, H. (2016). Hutton Uniformity in the Context of Fuzzy Soft Sets. European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 9(4), 419–433. Retrieved from

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