The Asymptotic Expansion of a Generalisation of the Euler-Jacobi Series

Richard Bruce Paris


We consider the asymptotic expansion of the sum
\[S_p(a;w)=\sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{e^{-an^p}}{n^{w}}\]
as $a\rightarrow 0$ in $|\arg\,a|<\fs\pi$ for arbitrary finite $p>$ and $w>0$.
Our attention is concentrated mainly on the case when $p$ and $w$ are both even integers, where the expansion consists of a {\it finite} algebraic expansion together with a sequence of increasingly subdominant exponential expansions. This exponentially small component produces a transformation for $S_p(a;w)$ analogous to the well-known Poisson-Jacobi
transformation for the sum with $p=2$ and $w=0$.  Numerical results are given to illustrate the accuracy of the expansion obtained.


Euler-Jacobi series; Poisson-Jacobi transformation; asymptotic expansion

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