New Generalized Classes of tau-omega

I Rajasekaran, O . Ravi, S Satheesh Kanna, M Paranjothi


The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new class of sets called semi-$\omega$-open which lies between the class of $\alpha$-$\omega$-open sets and the class of $\beta$-$\omega$-open sets and to investigate the basic properties of such sets. This apart, some new generalized classes of $\tau_\omega$ are introduced and investigated on the line of research.


$\omega$-open set, $\alpha$-$\omega$-open set, pre-$\omega$-open set, $\beta$-$\omega$-open set, b-$\omega$-open set, $\omega$-t-set, $\delta$-$\omega$-open set, semi$^\star$-$\omega$-closed set

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