Tensor Product of Hypervector Spaces


  • Reza Ameri University of Tehran
  • Karim Ghadimi Payame Noor University
  • R.A. Borzooei Shahid Beheshti University


‎hypervector space‎, multivalued middle linear map, quasi-free, ‎tensor product


We introduce and study tensor product of hypervector spaces (or
hyperspaces) based on Tallini hypervector spaces. Here we introduce the
(resp. multivalued) middle linear maps of hyperspaces and construct the
categories of linear maps and multivalued linear maps of hyperspaces.
It is shown the tensor product of two hypespaces, as an initial object
in this category, exists. Also, notion of a quasi-free object in category
of hyperspaces are introduced and it is proved that in this category a
quasi-free object up to maximum is unique.

Author Biographies

  • Reza Ameri, University of Tehran
    Mathematics, Pofessor
  • Karim Ghadimi, Payame Noor University
    Department of Mathematics
  • R.A. Borzooei, Shahid Beheshti University
    Department of Mathematics






Computer Science

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