Seebeck Effect on a Magneto-thermoelastic Long Solid Cylinder with Temperature-dependent Thermal Conductivity

Ashraf M. Zenkour, A. E. Abouelregal, K. A. Alnefaie, N. H. Abu-Hamdeh


This article considers problem of generalized magneto-thermo-elasticity with dual-phase-lags in an infinitely long solid cylinder with variable thermal conductivity. Modified Ohm's law that includes effects of temperature gradient (Seebeck's phenomenon) and charge density as well as generalized Fourier's law with current density is introduced. Curved surface of cylinder is under thermal shock and placed in uniform axial magnetic field. Laplace’s transform and its inversion techniques are applied to solve present problem. Different results for field quantities like temperature, displacement, flexural moment, and stress distributions are presented. In addition, the induced magnetic and electric fields are displayed in some plots. Effects of Seebeck coefficient, variability of thermal conductivity parameter and applied magnetic field are also investigated.


Magneto-thermo-elasticity, dual-phase-lag, Seebeck effect, solid cylinder, variable thermal conductivity

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