Stancu type generalization of modified Srivastava-Gupta operators

Vishnu Narayan Mishra, Alok Kumar, Dipti Tapiawala


In this paper, we introduce a Stancu type generalization of modified Srivastava-Gupta operators. We obtain the moments of the operators and then prove the basic convergence theorem. Next, the Voronovskaja type asymptotic formula and some direct results for the above operators are discussed. Also, the rate of convergence and weighted approximation by these operators in terms of modulus of continuity are studied. Then, we obtain point-wise estimates using the Lipschitz type maximal function and two parameter Lipschitz-type space. Further, we study the A-statistical convergence of these operators. Lastly, we give better estimations of the above operators using King type approach.


Srivastava-Gupta operators, rate of convergence, modulus of continuity, weighted approximation, pointwise estimates, A-statistical convergence

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