Stability Results in Terms of Two Measures for Set Differential Equations Involving Causal Operators

Appala Naidu Chadaram, D.B. Dhaigude, Vasundhara Devi Jonnalagadda


Differential equations involving causal operators is an area of research that unifies many types of mathematical models such as ordinary differential equations, integro differential equations, delay differential equations and so on. Also, Stability in terms of two measures is another concept that unifies various types of stability. It has been observed that set differential equations generalizes ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and the study of ODEs can be done in semilinear metric space. In this paper, combining all the fore mentioned notions an attempt is made to obtain stability results in terms of two measures for set differential equations involving causal operators.


Hukuhara difference, (h0,h)-equi stable, (h0,h)-uniformly stable, (h0,h)-equi attractive, (h0,h)-equi asymptotically stable, (h0,h)-uniformly asymptotically stable

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