On Finsler s-manifolds


  • Parisa Bahmandoust
  • Dariush Latifi University of Mohaghegh Ardabili


‎Finsler $s-$manifold‎, ‎Symmetric Finsler space‎, ‎Generalized symmetric space‎, ‎Homogeneous Finsler space


‎Finsler $s-$manifolds are a generalization of Riemannian‎ ‎$s-$manifolds‎. ‎An important property of such manifolds is the‎ ‎homogeneity‎. ‎In this paper we study Finsler $s-$manifolds‎. ‎We‎ ‎first construct some example of Finsler $s-$manifolds which are‎ ‎neither Riemannian nor symmetric‎. ‎Then we consider symmetric‎ ‎preserving diffeomorphism of Finsler $s-$manifolds‎. ‎Finally we‎ ‎give some algebraic and existence theorem of these spaces‎.


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