On the Irreducibility of Perron Representations of Degrees 4 and 5

Malak M. Dally, Mohammad N. Abdulrahim


We consider the graph $E_{n+1,1}$ with (n+1) generators $\sigma_1,..., \sigma_{n}$, and $\delta$, where $\sigma_{i}$ has an edge with $\sigma_{i+1}$ for $i=1,...,n+1$, and $
\sigma_{1}$ has an edge with $\delta$. We then define the Artin group of the graph $E_{n+1,1}$ for $n=3$ and $n=4$ and consider its reduced Perron's representation of degrees
four and five respectively. After we specialize the indeterminates used in defining the representation to non-zero complex numbers, we obtain necessary and sufficient
conditions that guarantee the irreducibility of the representations for $n=3$ and $4$ .


Artin representation, braid group, Burau representation, graph, irreducibility

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