On Flows Spectrum on Closed Trio of Contours with Uniform Load

Alexander Pavlovich Buslaev, Alexander Gennadjevich Tatashev, Marina Victorovna Yashina


Considered dynamical system is a flow of clusters with the same length $l$ on contours of unit length
connected in polar-remote points into closed chain.
When clusters move trough common node, the left-priority rule of conflict resolution works.

In the paper it is shown that in the case of chain consisted third contours
the dynamical system has a spectrum of velocity and mode periodicity consisted on not more two components.

Distribution of spectrum in dependence on load $l$ is developed.
Hypothesis on discrete spectrum in the case of arbitrary number of contours are formulated.


Dynamical System, Spectrum, Self-organization, Contour Graph, Collapse, Cluster Model

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