On the Continuity of Orthogonal Sets in the Sense of Operator Orthogonality

Mahdi Iranmanesh, M. Saeedi Khojasteh, M. K. Anwary


In this paper, we introduce the operator approach for orthogonality in linear spaces. In particular, we represent the concept of orthogonal vectors using an operator associated with them, in normed spaces. Moreover, we investigate some of continuity properties of this kind of orthogonality. More precisely, we show that the set valued function F(x; y) = {μ : μ ∈ C, p(x − μy, y) = 1} is upper and lower semi continuous, where p(x, y) = sup{pz1,...,zn−2 (x, y) : z1, . . . , zn−2 ∈ X} and pz1,...,zn−2 (x, y) = kPx,z1,...,zn−2,yk−1 where Px,z1,...,zn−2,y denotes the projection parallel to y from X to the subspace generated by {x, z1, . . . , zn−2}. This can be considered as an alternative definition for numerical range in linear spaces.


Birkhoff orthogonality‎, ‎set valued function‎, ‎upper semi continuous‎, ‎lower semi continuous

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