Locally Conformal Almost Cosymplectic Manifold of Φ-holomorphic Sectional Conharmonic Curvature Tensor

Habeeb Mtashar Abood, Farah Al-Hussaini


The aim of the present paper is to study the geometry of locally conformal almost cosymplectic manifold of Φ-holomorphic sectional conharmonic curvature tensor. In particular, the necessaryand sucient conditions in which that locally conformal almost cosymplectic manifold is a manifold of point constant Φ-holomorphic sectional conharmonic curvature tensor have been found. The relation between the mentioned manifold and the Einstein manifold is determined.


Locally conformal almost cosymplectic manifold, conharmonic curvature tensor,holomorpphic sectional conharmonic curvature tensor, Einstein manifold

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