On Some Properties of Doubt Bipolar Fuzzy H-ideals in BCK/BCI-algebras

Anas Mohammad Al-Masarwah, Abd Ghafur Ahmad


In this research article, we study some properties of doubt bipolar fuzzy H-ideals in
BCK/ BCI-algebras. Doubt bipolar fuzzy H-ideals are connected with doubt bipolar fuzzy subalgebras and doubt bipolar fuzzy ideals. Moreover, doubt bipolar fuzzy H-ideals are characterized using doubt positive t-level cut set, doubt negative s-level cut set and H-Artin BCK/BCI-algebras.


BCK=BCI-algebras, Doubt fuzzy ideals, Doubt fuzzy H-ideals, Doubt bipolar fuzzy subalgebras, Doubt bipolar fuzzy ideals, Doubt bipolar fuzzy H-ideals

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