Application of Combinatorial Techniques to the Ghanaian Board Game Zaminamina Draft

Elvis Kobina Donkoh, Rebecca Davis, Emmanuel D.J Owusu-Ansah, Emmanuel A. Antwi, Michael Mensah


Games happen to be a part of our contemporary culture and way of life. Often mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers are studied in these games. Example is the African board game ’Zaminamina draft’ which is often guided by combinatorial strategies and techniques for winning. In this paper we deduce an intelligent mathematical technique for playing a winning game. Two different starting strategies were formulated; center starting and edge or vertex starting. The results were distorted into a 3x3 matrix and elementary row operations were performed to establish all possible wins. MatLab was used to distort the matrix to determine the diagonal wins. A program was written using python in artificial intelligence (AI) to help in playing optimally


: Zaminamina draft, games, combinatorics, player, strategies

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