Unsteady Stokes Flow through Porous Channel with Periodic Suction and Injection with Slip Conditions

Kaleemullah Bhatti, Zarqa Bano, Abdul Majeed Siddiqui


This work is concerned with the influence of slip conditions on unsteady stokes flow between parallel porous plates with periodic suction and injection. The obtained unsteady governing equations are solved analytically by similarity method. The characteristics of complex axial velocity and complex radial velocity for different values of parameters are analyzed. Graphical results for slip parameter reveal that it has significant influence on the axial and radial velocity profiles. The effects of suction or injection are also observed. The problem of unsteady stokes flow through porous plates with no slip is recovered as a special case of our problem.


Unsteady Stokes Flow, Porous Plates, Periodic Suction and Injection, Wall Slip

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