Monotone Iterative Technique and Ulam-Hyers Stability Analysis for Nonlinear Fractional Order Differential Equations with Integral Boundary Value Conditions

Sajjad Ali, Kamal Shah, Hassan Khan, Muhammad Arif, Shahid Mahmood


In this manuscript, the monotone iterative scheme has been extended to the nature of solution to boundary value problem of fractional differential equation that consist integral boundary conditions. In this concern, some sufficient conditions are developed in this manuscript. On the base of sufficient conditions, the monotone iterative scheme combined with lower and upper solution method for the existence, uniqueness, error estimates and various view plots of the extremal solutions to boundary value problem of nonlinear fractional differential equations have been studied. The obtain results have clarified the nature of the extremal solutions. Further, the Ulam--Hyers and Ulam--Hyers--Rassias stability have been investigated for the considered problem.  Two illustrative examples of the BVP of the nonlinear fractional differential equations have been provided to justify our contribution.

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