Supra b Maps via Topological Ordered Spaces

Baravan A. Asaad, Mohammed K. Tahat, Tareq M. Al-shami


The authors utilize the notions of increasing, decreasing and balancing supra $b$-open sets to introduce and study several types of supra continuous, supra open, supra closed and supra homeomorphism maps in supra topological ordered spaces. They give the equivalent conditions for each one of these notions and illustrate the relationships among them with the help of examples. Apart from that, they investigate under which conditions these maps preserve some separation axioms between supra topological ordered spaces.


I(D, B)-supra $b$-continuous map, I(D, B)-supra $b$-open map, I(D, B)-supra $b$-homeomorphism map, ordered supra $b$-separation axioms

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