Neighborhood Connected k-Fair Domination Under Some Binary Operations


  • Wardah Masanggila Bent-Usman Mindanao State University-Main Campus
  • Rowena Isla
  • Sergio Canoy



Let G=(V(G),E(G)) be a simple graph. A neighborhood connected k-fair dominating set (nckfd-set) is a dominating set S subset V(G) such that |N(u)  intersection S|=k for every u is an element of V(G)\S and the induced subgraph of S is connected. In this paper, we introduce and invistigate the notion of neighborhood connected k-fair domination in graphs. We also characterize such dominating sets in the join, corona, lexicographic and cartesians products of graphs and determine the exact value or sharp bounds of their corresponding neighborhood connected k-fair domination number.

Author Biography

Wardah Masanggila Bent-Usman, Mindanao State University-Main Campus

Mathematics Department


Assistant Professor IV




How to Cite

Bent-Usman, W. M., Isla, R., & Canoy, S. (2019). Neighborhood Connected k-Fair Domination Under Some Binary Operations. European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 12(3), 1337–1349.



Nonlinear Analysis

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