Impact Optimization of Battery Energy Storage System in Microgrid Operation

Bernard Adjei, Elvis K. Donkoh, Dominic Otoo, Emmanuel De-Graft Johnson Owusu-Ansah, Francois Mahama


In microgrid operation, one of the most vital tasks of the system control is to wisely
decide between selling excess power to the local grid or charge the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Our study uses Mixed-Integer Linear Programming to investigate the impact of storage system on the operational cost of a microgrid. The results suggested that the presence of BESS would relieve the pressure on the utility grid but not the cost of electricity due to the expensive nature of the storage plant. In view of this, it will be more beneficial to sell excess renewable generated power to the utility grid than to invest in a storage system for larger microgrids.


MILP, Storage Plant, Microgrid, AMPL

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