A-paracompactness and Strongly A-screenability in Topological Groups

Muhammad Kashif Maqbool, Awais Yousaf, Muhammad Siddique Bosan, Saeid Jafari


A space is said to be strongly A-screenable if there exists a σ-discrete refinement for each open cover. In this article, we have investigated some of the features of A-paracompact and strongly A-screenable spaces in topological and semi topological groups. We predominantly show that (i) Topological direct product of (countably) A-paracompact topological group and a compact topological group is (countably) A-paracompact topological group. (ii) All the left and right cosets of a strongly A-screenable subset H of a semi topological group (G, ∗, τ ) are strongly A-creenable.


A-paracompactness, Semi \delta-topological group, Strongly A-screenability, N-capc disjoint set

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