On Generalized β-Open Sets in Ideal Bitopological Space

Ibtissam Bukhatwa, Sibel Demiralp


In this article, we introduce and study the concepts of γij -semi-I-open sets and γij -βI-open sets by generalizing (i, j)-semi-I-open sets and (ij)-βI-open sets, respectively, in ideal bitopological spaces with an operation γ : τ → P(X). Further, we describe and study (γ, δ)ij -semi-I-continuous and (γ, δ)ij -βI-continuous functions in ideal bitopological spaces and their related notions. In addition, various examples and counterexamples are given for answers to some questions raised in this study.


Ideal bitopological space, Int i (A), Cl i (A), ij -semi-I-open sets, ij -I-open sets, ( ; )ij -I􀀀continuous functions.

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