Analysis of Electro-MHD of Third Grade Fuid Flow Through Porous Channel

Sukanya Padhi, Itishree Nayak


This paper examines the Electro-MHD flow and heat transfer of a third grade fluid passing through a porous channel. An unidirectional and one-dimensional flow is propelled with the aid of lorentz force generated due to interaction of vertically applied magnetic field along with horizontally applied electric field. The equations of momentum and energy governing the third grade fluid flow are transformed to algebraic equation from nonlinear partial differential equation by implementing fully implicit finite difference scheme and solution is obtained by damped-Newton method. Lastly, the problem is simulated using MATLAB and the influence on velocity and temperature profiles with variation of non-dimensional parameters are depicted graphically. The noteworthy findings of this study is that the increasing values of elastic parameter α and non-Newtonian parameter γ diminishes the flow velocity and results in enhancement of temperature profile. A completely contrasting effect is observed for increasing values of strength of electric and magnetic field.


Electro-MHD (EMHD), third grade fluid, porous channel, finite-difference scheme, damped-Newton method.

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