Harmonic Index and Zagreb Indices of Vertex-Semitotal Graphs

Aysun Yurttas Gunes, Muge Togan, Musa Demirci, Ismail Naci Cangul


Graph theory is one of the rising areas in mathematics due to its applications in many areas of science. Amongst several study areas in graph theory, spectral graph theory and topological descriptors are in front rows. These descriptors are widely used in QSPR/QSAR studies in mathematical chemistry. Vertex-semitotal graphs are one of the derived graph classes which are useful in calculating several physico-chemical properties of molecular structures by means of molecular graphs modelling the molecules. In this paper, several topological descriptors of vertex-semitotal graphs are calculated. Some new relations on these values are obtained by means of a recently defined graph invariant called omega invariant.


topological index; molecular graph; Zagreb index; harmonic index; vertex-semitotal graph; derived graph

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