On Various Formulas with q-integralsand Their Applications to q-hypergeometric Functions

Thomas Ernst


We present three q-Taylor formulas with q-integral remainder. The two last proofs
require a slight rearrangement by a well-known formula. The first formula has been given in different form by Annaby and Mansour. We give concise proofs for q-analogues of Eulerian integral formulas for general q-hypergeometric functions corresponding to Erd ́elyi, and for two of Srivastavas triple hypergeometric functions and other functions. All proofs are made in a similar style by using q-integration. We find some new formulas for fractional q-integrals including a series expansion. In the same way, the operator formulas by Srivastava and Manocha find a natural generalization.


q-Taylor formulas with q-integral remainder, q-hypergeometric function, q-Eulerian integral, fractional q-integral

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