Explicit Formulas for the First Form (q,r)-Dowling Numbers and (q,r)-Whitney-Lah Numbers

Roberto Bagsarsa Corcino, Jay Ontolan, Maria Rowena Lobrigas


In this paper, a q-analogue of r-Whitney-Lah numbers, also known as (q,r)-Whitney-Lah number, denoted by $L_{m,r} [n, k]_q$ is defined using the triangular recurrence relation. Several fundamental properties for the q-analogue are established such as vertical and horizontal recurrence relations, horizontal and exponential generating functions. Moreover, an explicit formula for (q, r)-Whitney-Lah number is derived using the concept of q-difference operator, particularly, the q-analogue of Newton’s Interpolation Formula (the umbral version of Taylor series). Furthermore, an explicit formula for the first form (q, r)-Dowling numbers is obtained which is expressed in terms of (q,r)-Whitney-Lah numbers and (q,r)-Whitney numbers of the second kind.


r-Whitney-Lah numbers; r-Whitney numbers; r-Dowling numbers; generating function; q-exponential function; q-difference operator; Newton’s Interpolation Formula

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