Chio’s-like Method for Calculating the Rectangular (non-square) Determinants: Computer Algorithm Interpretation and Comparison

Armend Salihu, Fahri Marevci


In this paper, we present an approach for the calculation of rectangular determinants, where in addition to the mathematical formula, we also provide a computer algorithm for their calculation. Firstly, we present a method similar to Sarrus method for calculating the rectangular determinant of the order 2 × 3.  Secondly, we present an approach for calculating the rectangular determinants of order m ×n by adding a row with all elements equal to one (1) in any row, as well as an application of Chio’s rule for calculating the rectangular determinants. Thirdly, we find the time complexity and comparison of the computer execution time of calculation of the rectangular determinant based on the presented algorithms and comparing them with the algorithm based on the Laplace method.


Determinants, Rectangular Determinants, Chio’s Method, Computer Algorithm.

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