Laplace-SBA Method for Solving Nonlinear Coupled Burger's Equations

Joseph Bonazebi-Yindoula


Burger’s equations, an extension of fluid dynamics equations, are typically solved by several numerical methods. In this article, the laplace-Somé Blaise Abbo method is used to solve nonlinear Burger equations. This method is based on the combination of the laplace transform and the SBA method. After reminders of the laplace transform, the basic principles of the SBA method are described. The process of calculating the Laplace-SBA algorithm for determining the exact solution of a linear or nonlinear partial derivative equation is shown. Thus, three examples
of PDE are solved by this method, which all lead to exact solutions. Our results suggest that this method can be extended to other more complex PDEs.


Laplace-SBA Method, Coupled Burgers equation

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