On the Aspects of Enriched Lattice-valued Topological Groups and Closure of Lattice-valued Subgroups

TMG Ahsanullah, Fawzi Al-Thukair


Starting with L as an enriched cl-premonoid, in this paper, we explore some categorical connections between L-valued topological groups and Kent convergence groups, where it is shown that every L-valued topological group determines a well-known Kent convergence group, and conversely, every Kent convergence group induces an L-valued topological group. Considering an L-valued subgroup of a group, we show that the category of L-valued groups, L-GRP has initial structure. Furthermore, we consider a category L-CLS of L-valued closure spaces, obtaining its relation with L-valued Moore closure, and provide examples in relation to L-valued subgroups that produce Moore collection. Here we look at a category of L-valued closure groups, L-CLGRP proving that it is a topological category. Finally, we obtain a relationship between L-GRP and L-TransTOLGRP, the category of L-transitive tolerance groups besides adding some properties of L-valued closures of L-valued subgroups on L-valued topological groups.


lattice, topology, fuzzy topology, lattice-valued topology, lattice-valued subgroup, group, category

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