Group Splitting with SOR/AOR Methods for Solving Boundary Value Problems: A Computational Comparison

Abdulkafi Mohammed Saeed, Najah Mohammad AL-harbi


Many researchers are working on the explicit group methods as the alternative methods for solving several boundary value problems. These methods have been shown to be much faster than the other point iterative methods in solving the elliptic partial differential equations (EPDEs), which is due to the formers’ overall lower computational complexities. This paper is concerned with the application of a suitable Explicit Group (EG) iterative method for solving EPDEs. This study will compare several iterative methods such that S5-point-SOR,4 Point-EGSOR, 5S-point-AOR, and 4 Point-EGAOR. Numerical experiments were carried out to confirm our results by using MATLAB software. The results reveal that 4 Point-EGAOR is the most superior method among these methods.


Explicit Group (EG) method, Poisson equation, Successive Over- Relaxation (SOR), Accelerated Over-Relax (AOR)

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