New Spline Method for Solving Linear Two-Point Boundary Value Problems

Ahmed Salem Heilat, Hamzeh Zureigat, Ra’ed Hatamleh, Belal Batiha


In this research, second order linear two-point boundary value problems are treated using new method based on hybrid cubic B-spline. The values of the free parameter,Gamma , are chosen via optimization. The value of the free parameter plays an important role in giving accurate results. Optimization of this parameter is carried out. This method is tested on four examples and a comparison with cubic B-spline, trigonometric cubic B-spline and extended cubic B-spline methods has been carried out. The examples suggest that this method produces more accurate results than the other three methods. The numerical results are presented to illustrate the efficiency of our method.


Two-point boundary value problems, Cubic B-spline, Trigonometric cubic B-spline, Hybrid cubic B-spline.

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