Nearly Soft β - Open Sets via Soft Ditopological Spaces


  • Radwan Ahmad Abu-Gdairi Zarqa University, Jordan
  • Abdelfattah Azzam Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University
  • Ibrahim Noaman AL Baha University,



Soft set, Soft topological space, Ditopological space, Soft β - open and Soft β - closed sets, Soft β - continuous, Soft β - compact.


As a result of the importance of topological space in data analysis and some applications, many researches have used various methods to expand that space, including the concept of ditopology. We define new types of nearly soft open sets in soft ditopology as soft β - open, soft β - closed, soft preopen, soft semi - open, and some related properties in this paper.Also introduced were soft β - continuous and
soft β - cocontinuous functions. Finally, soft β - compact, soft β - stable and soft β - irresolute concepts were discussed, and some of the concepts were studied in this field.



— Updated on 2022-01-31



Nonlinear Analysis

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