E-Bayesian Estimation under Loss Functions in Competing Risks


  • Didier Alain Njamen Njomen University of Maroua
  • Thiery Donfack
  • Joseph Ngatchou-Wandji
  • Georges Nguefack-Tsague




Using gamma prior distribution of which shape hyperparameter has beta distributio and rate parameter has three different distributions over a finite interval, we studied the E-Bayesian estimation of one scale parameter of Gompertz distribution based on progressively type I censored sample from the competing risks model subject to K independent causes. The estimators obtained
generalize those issued from the quadratic loss, entropy loss and DeGroot loss functions.

Author Biography

Didier Alain Njamen Njomen, University of Maroua


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Njamen Njomen, D. A., Donfack, T. ., Ngatchou-Wandji, J. ., & Nguefack-Tsague, G. . (2022). E-Bayesian Estimation under Loss Functions in Competing Risks. European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 15(2), 753–773. https://doi.org/10.29020/nybg.ejpam.v15i2.4351