C-Almost Normality and L-Almost Normality


  • Wafa Alqurashi Umm Al-Qura University
  • Sadeq Thabit Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education -Al-Mahra, Hadhramout University, Yemen




epi-normal, epi-almost normal, C-normal, epi-regular, C-regular, L-normal and L-regular


The main purpose of this paper is to introduce and study new topological properties called C-almost normality and L-almost normality. A space X is called a C-almost normal (resp. L-almost normal) space if there exist an almost normal space Y and a bijective function f : X → Y such that the restriction function f|A : A → f(A) is a homeomorphism for each compact (resp. Lindelöf) subspace A ⊆ X. We investigate these properties and present some examples to illustrate the relationships among them with other kinds of topological properties.


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Alqurashi, W., & Thabit, S. . (2022). C-Almost Normality and L-Almost Normality. European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 15(4), 1760–1782. https://doi.org/10.29020/nybg.ejpam.v15i4.4570