Results about C-κ-normality and C-mild normality


  • Lutfi Kalantan King Abdulaziz University
  • Alyaa Alawadi University of Jeddah
  • Sadeq Thabit Hadhramout University



$\kappa$-normal, normal, mildly normal, compact, $C$-normal, $C-\kappa$-normal, $C$-mildly normal, minimal Hausdorff, discrete extension, epinormal, epi-mildly normal, $\alpha$-normal, $C_2$-paracompact


A topological space X is C-κ-normal (C-mildly normal ) if there exist a κ-normal (mildly normal) space Y and a bijective function f : X → Y such that the restriction f|A : A→ f(A) is a homeomorphism for each compact subspace A ⊆ X. We present new results about those two topological properties and use a discrete extension space to solve open problems regarding C2-paracompactness and α-normality


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Kalantan, L., Alawadi, A., & Thabit, S. . (2023). Results about C-κ-normality and C-mild normality. European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 16(1), 62–70.