Single-valued Neutrosophic Soft Sets in Hyper UP-Algebra


  • Allan Cano MSU-IIT student
  • Gaudencio Petalcorin



hyper algebra


In this paper, the notions of SVN hyper UP-algebra and SVNS hyper UP-algebra are introduced, and some of their structural properties are investigated. Moreover, the Cartesian product of SVNS hyper UP-algebra is discussed and proved to be a SVNS hyper UP- algebra. Finally, the homomorphic image and preimage of SVNS hyper UP-algebra under SVNS functions are studied and showed also to be SVNS hyper UP-algebra.


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Cano, A., & Petalcorin, G. (2023). Single-valued Neutrosophic Soft Sets in Hyper UP-Algebra. European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 16(1), 548–576.

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