Characterizations of Some Topological Spaces


  • Chawalit Boonpok Mahasarakham University
  • Montri Thongmoon



$\delta s(\Lambda,p)$-open set, $s(\Lambda,p)$-connected space, $s(\Lambda,s)$-regular space, $s(\Lambda,s)$-normal space, $s(\Lambda,p)$-$T_2$ space, $s(\Lambda,p)$-Urysohn space, $S(\Lambda,p)$-closed space


This paper is concerned with the concepts of some topological spaces. Firstly, we introduce the notions of δs(Λ, p)-open sets. Some properties concerning δs(Λ, p)-open sets are discussed. Secondly, the concept of s(Λ, p)-connected spaces is introduced. Moreover, we give several characterizations of s(Λ, p)-connected spaces by utilizing δs(Λ, p)-open sets. Thirdly, we apply the notion of s(Λ, p)-open sets to present and study new classes of spaces called s(Λ, p)-regular spaces and s(Λ, p)-normal spaces. Especially, some characterizations of s(Λ, p)-regular spaces and s(Λ, p)-normal spaces are established. Fourthly, we introduce and investigate the concepts of s(Λ, p)-T2 spaces and s(Λ, p)-Urysohn spaces. Finally, the notion of S(Λ, p)-closed spaces is studied. Basic properties and characterizations of S(Λ, p)-closed spaces are considered.






Nonlinear Analysis

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Characterizations of Some Topological Spaces. (2023). European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 16(3), 1434-1447.

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