Note on Generalized Neighborhoods Structures in Fuzzy Bitopological Spaces


  • Ahlam Ahmed Alharbi Taibah University
  • Adem Kilicman University Putra Malaysia



Fuzzy bitopological spaces $(fbts)$, fuzzy generalized closed sets $(g-closed)$, fuzzy closure operator $(cl)$, fuzzy interior operator $(int)$, fuzzy generalized neigborhood $(N^{g\varphi })$, fuzzy generalized quasi neigborhood $(N^{g\varphi Q})$


This article's main aim is to study the concepts of the generalized neighborhood and generalized quasi-neighborhood in fuzzy bitopological spaces. It also introduces fundamental theorems for determining the relationships between them. Additionally, some significant examples were examined to demonstrate the significance of the interconnections, some theorems were also introduced to study some main properties of neighborhood structures. Finally, we also studied the concepts of closure, interior, and each of their critical theories and properties by generalized neighborhood systems in fuzzy bitopological spaces.

Author Biography

Ahlam Ahmed Alharbi, Taibah University

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Taibah University, Madinah 42353, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




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Ahmed Alharbi, A., & Kilicman, A. (2023). Note on Generalized Neighborhoods Structures in Fuzzy Bitopological Spaces. European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 16(3), 1980–1990.



Nonlinear Analysis