(H, Ωb)-Interpolative Contractions in Ωb-distance Mappings with Application


  • Tariq Qawasmeh Jadara University, Jordan




$\Omega_b$ distance mappings, Interpolative Kannan contractions, $\cH$-simulation functions, $G_b$-metric spaces


Interpolative Kannan contractions are a refinement of Kannan contraction, which is considered as one of the significant notions in fixed point theory. Gb-metric spaces is considered as a generalized concept of both concepts b-metric and G-metric spaces therefore, the significant fixed and common fixed point results of the contraction based on this concept is generalized results
for both concepts. The purpose of this manuscript, is to take advantage to interpolative Kannan contraction together with the notion of Ωb which equipped with Gb-metric spaces and H simulation functions to formulate two new interpolative contractions namely, (H, Ωb)-interpolative contraction for self mapping f and generalized (H, Ωb)-interpolative contraction for pair of self mappings (f1, f2). We discuss new fixed and common fixed point theorems. Moreover, to demonstrate the applicability and novelty of our theorems, we formulate numerical examples and applications to illustrate the importance of fixed point theory in applied mathematics and other sciences.






Nonlinear Analysis

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(H, Ωb)-Interpolative Contractions in Ωb-distance Mappings with Application. (2023). European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 16(3), 1717-1730. https://doi.org/10.29020/nybg.ejpam.v16i3.4819