The Mohanad Transforms and Their Applications for Solving Systems of Differential Equations


  • Rania Saadeh Zarqa University
  • Al-anoud Alshawabkeh Zarqa University
  • Raed Khalil
  • Mohamed A. Abdoon
  • Nidal E. Taha
  • Dalal Khalid Almutairi



Mohanad transform, Laplace transform, Differential equation, Convolution, System of differential equations., Convolution.


In recent years, Mohanad transform, a mathematical approach, has drawn a lot of interest from researchers. It is useful for solving many engineering and scientific problems, such as those involving electric circuits, population growth, vibrational beams, and heat conduction. The Mohanad transform is defined and introduced in this study, along with its fundamental qualities,
including linearity and convolution. It is also discussed in connection with other integral transforms and how it is used in derivatives. Additionally, we use the Mohanad transform to solve a few systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and review its properties in this paper. Determining the concentration of a chemical reactant (material) in a series is a physical chemistry problem that we use in the application part. We achieve this by developing a model based on ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and then solving them using the Mohanad transform. This research proves that, with little computational effort, we can get the exact solutions of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) via the Mohanad transform. We used graphs and tables to show our answer.

Author Biography

  • Al-anoud Alshawabkeh, Zarqa University

    Department of Mathematics






Nonlinear Analysis

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The Mohanad Transforms and Their Applications for Solving Systems of Differential Equations. (2024). European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 17(1), 385-409.

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