Higher-order (F,alpha,beta,rho,d)-Convexity and its Application in Fractional Programming

T. R. Gulati, Himani Saini


In this paper we introduce the concept ofhigher-order $(F,\alpha,\beta,\rho,d)$-convexity with respect to adifferentiable function $K$. Based on this generalized convexity,sufficient optimality conditions for a nonlinear programming problem(NP) are obtained. Duality relations for Mond-Weir and Wolfe dualsof (NP) have also been discussed. These duality results are then applied to nonlinear fractional programming problems.


Higher-order $(F,\alpha,\beta,\rho,d)$-convexity; Sufficiency; Optimality conditions; Duality; Fractional programming.

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