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Letter From Editors

We are all mathematicians even if we are unable to articulate successfully what goes on inside our brains.

Thomas Saaty

As a group of young researchers, we are pleased to announce that the genesis of the new electronic journal European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (EJPAM) is in January 2008. The Journal, which is devoted to original research in the fields of pure and applied mathematics and their teaching and learning, may also be considered as an umbrella outlet for mathematics and related interdisciplinary mathematical research. EJPAM publishes high quality researches in the fields of contemporary pure and applied mathematics with a broad range of topics including algebra, topology, functional analysis, operational research, theoretical statistics, computer science, mathematical finance, psychology and biosciences.

The Editorial Board of this electronic journal holds high vision that we can meet an underserved, yet essential, segment of contemporary research. The organization chart of the Editorial Board distinguishing the Journal among the other high quality mathematics journals is the employing the area editorship structuring for the editorial process. We would like to thank all Advisory Editors, Area Editors, Associate Editors, Production Editors, reviewers and authors. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all the individuals who make valuable contributions to the Journal. Special thanks goes to the authors and Advisory Editors who submitted their remarkable papers as Honorary Invited Papers to be published in this inaugural issue.

We will exert every effort to handle submissions swiftly and fairly to provide rapid reviews, taking advantage of the sophisticated electronic infrastructure and facilities provided by the Article Management System. The aim of the journal is to bridge between pure and applied mathematics and to form an integral part of the international network of communication of science that stimulates mathematical research.

We all wish European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics has every success in the contemporary scientific world. We cordially invite you to join us in creating truly high quality research and discussion medium in all areas of mathematics and mathematical sciences.

We are also especially grateful to our Advisory Editors who have sent their encouraging editorial messages.

Unsal Tekir
Eyup Cetin
Ali Delice







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