On Approximation of Signals in the Generalized Zygmund Class Using (E,r)(N,qn) Mean of Conjugate Derived Fourier Series

Anwesha Mishra, Birupakhya Prasad Padhy, Umakanta Misra


In the present article, we have established a result on degree of approximation of function in the generalized Zygmund class Zl(m),(l ≥ 1) by (E,r)(N,qn)- mean of conjugate derived Fourier series.


Degree of approximation, Generalized Zygmund class, Fourier series, Conjugate Fourier Series, Conjugate Derived Fourier series, $(E,r)$-Summability mean, $(N,q_n)$ -summability mean, (E,r)(N,q_n)-summability mean

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